What To Expect From A Professional GMB Management Service

A GMB management service is a great way to boost your business’s rankings on SERPs, and in this post, we will explain what a professional service such as Renewww can provide, and what you should expect from a good GMB management service.

A comprehensive audit of your current GMB listing

The first thing you can expect from a professional GMB management service is a full audit and report of your current Google My Business profile. Of course, if you or your company does not have one yet, then this step would include creating one for you and tailoring it to your business needs. In the audit, we will establish your business needs, your reviews, and any other important information that we can improve on, optimize or even remove in some cases. This will all be bundled into a report and sent to our analytics team.

Optimized GMB Profile with accurate & consistent information

Secondly, the next thing a good, professional GMB management service will do is make sure that your new account or current account is up to date with accurate and consistent information.

Getting rid of old addresses, contact info and any other out-of-date info can, of course, improve customer experience and your business’s brand appearance. To have a great GMB management service you of course will have to make sure all company emails are correct and working, and all phone numbers are in working order. The address also definitely needs to be correct, even if it is an address that is near your business address, this is not good enough. You do not want customers to come to the wrong address, or have a completely different address or business come up when they type your company into Google.

Regular updates & maintenance of your GMB Listing

Another aspect of a good GMB management service is that we will update your Google My Business listing regularly with all new information that becomes available, such as new phone numbers, emails, employee info, heads of staff, and of course, work premise changes.

A reliable GMB management service will take care of all of these, and there is no way that you should feel worried when you entrust this service to a dedicated provider such as Renewww. Regular updates to your Google My Business page are really important, and will give you a slight edge over your competitor or competitors, as new information is always being added, and this will keep customers coming back for more information.

You can add new equipment, facilities, open hours, employee info, and more, and all of this will be always updated so your customers have the most accurate understanding of your business.

Implementation of best practices for Local SEO

As stated before, a good GMB management service will make sure we include accurate with your business name, address, phone number, website URL, category, and description.

Create local citations and backlinks: Backlinks are links from other websites pointing to your website, whilst local citations are mentions of your company on other websites and directories. Both can raise your exposure in local search results and aid in local SEO.

Promote client testimonials: Positive testimonials from pleased clients will help you rank higher in Google My Business and build more credibility and trust with prospective clients. By offering top-notch customer service and soliciting comments, you can persuade customers to submit evaluations.

Use Google Posts to communicate information, special offers, and events to your audience. These are visible in your Google My Business profile and can aid in bringing in more clients for your company.

Analyze your data: Track the development of your local SEO efforts, the success of your website and listing, and potential areas for improvement using Google Analytics and Google My Business insights.

GMB management service includes customer reviews & reputation

Of course, one of the most important aspects of a GMB management service is customer reviews and your overall brand reputation. Sometimes when you’re focusing on your business and other aspects of your company, dealing with negative and even positive reviews can be hard. This is why taking care of it and using a professional GMB management service such as Renewww can be a better option.

A talented and well-informed Renewww manager can take care of your reviews and make sure that these are all taken care of, and if a customer does leave a negative review about a product or service, this is taken care of all of and a well-thought-out, reasonable, and carefully helpful response is issued, instead of an ignorant and unhelpful one.

Insights & analytics to measure success

Another aspect of a great GMB management service is that you can use it to measure success and of course use analytics to help optimize the best aspects of your business and Google My Business profile.

Sometimes business owners do not understand how to use analytics for their business, and if this is something you might think you’ll struggle with, then a GMB management service will take great care of this aspect of your business. We will combine the analytics into a report and work out what best way to move forward regarding your company’s analytics.

A Team of experts with knowledge of the latest trends and changes in GMB Management

Google is always changing, from algorithm changes to different rules regarding its search engine, Google is an ever-changing part of marketing. in general. Google My Business is always changing as well, and this is why a GMB management service can take off and look out for the new changes that will come with Google My Business.

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If you want the best possible GMB management service, make sure you get in touch with Renewww today.

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